Alopecia Barbae - How To Cure Alopecia Barbae?

Published: 12th September 2011
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According to the Dermatology Academy in America Alopecia Barbae is kind of Alopecia Areata. This disease is characterized by patches of baldness on the scalp where the hair seems to be missing. Alopecia Barbae on the other hand is similar but the bald patches in this disease appear in the beard rather than the head. These missing patches are often round or circular in shape. This is an indication that unlike Alopecia Areata, alopecia barbae is found only in men.


The only known fact about the hair loss phenomenon is it's auto immune nature with which the body responds to certain things. The reasons may still be mysterious but the hair falls and then some years later it re grows. As the reason is unknown so is the recovery process, however there are some treatments that help in growing the hair follicles quicker than the normal process. These are often recommended by the experts.

1. Cortisone

The most common treatment for this disease of Alopecia Barbae is definitely the injections of Cortisone which are applied under the supervision of a dermatologist if not by the dermatologists themselves. The needles are inserted into the bald patch or area repeatedly. If the treatment succeeds the patient can look forward to the re-emergence of the hair in about four weeks time. There are however no guarantees concerning this particular treatment of cortisone. As far as the process is concerned it is quite painless with no side effects. The patient may feel just a tingling when the injections are applied and the area may seem sunken but it recovers by itself with the passage of time.

2. Topical Minoxidil

Another medicine that been proved as effective in treating the cases of Alopecia Barbae, is the Topical Minoxidil. The procedure of this treatment is also quite simple as it just involves applying a solution of the medicine that is 5% in concentration to the affected areas. Some other solutions which are 2% in concentration have not been that effective in the treatment and should be avoided. According to many experts the combination of Topical Minoxidil and Cortisone increases the effectiveness manifolds and also the chances of hair re-growth.

3. Anthralin

Another medicine that can be used to treat Alopecia Barbae and is in fact used is anthralin, which is also a recommended treatment for psoriasis. The physical appearance of anthralin is an ointment or cream that resembles tar. The process is simple, it involves applying the cream to the affected area where one needs hair growth. The cream is washed off after 30 mins to an hour of applying. Effective treatment by this medicine will result in hair re-growing after a period of about 12 or 14 weeks since the beginning of the treatment. The only concern with this procedure is the side effects, care should be taken not to leave the ointment on the area for any time in excess of the recommended time and also the patient should make sure to keep it away from eyes. Apart from these cares the medicine has been proven effective too.

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